Brick Fiesta 2017

Several TexLUG-Houston members (and many of their families) journeyed to the Dallas area to participate in Brick Fiesta 2017.  The event was held June 29-July 2 at the Mesquite Convention Center, and included two days of private activities plus two days of public exhibition.

LEGO(R) fans from all over Texas and several other states (and Canada!) came to Brick Fiesta.  MOCs of all sizes and themes were displayed.  Show members participated in speed builds, blind builds, drafts, and many other activities.

TexLUG-Houston members won awards for Technic, GBC (Great Ball Contraption), Land Vehicle, and Automation.  In addition, another member came in 2nd place in the Master Builder competition.

TexLUG-Houston participation included (17) AFOLs and (5) TFOLs.  Public attendance was approximately 2,500 total for two days.

In 2018 Brick Fiesta will be held in San Antonio, Texas – exact dates and location to be announced at a later date.  Continue to watch this website and for more information.


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