About Houston Brick Club

Houston Brick Club is a varied group of people who enjoy building, displaying, and collecting anything made from LEGO® parts.

Throughout the year Houston Brick Club has a variety of activities.  These may include setting up a display at a museum or other event; building a custom item for a charity auction; or spending time building with children in a hospital.  We also meet about once a month to talk LEGO®, swap parts, build things, and generally have a good time.  Meetings may take place at a member’s home, a restaurant, a mall, or any other place that won’t mind a group of adults talking about a highly sophisticated interlocking brick system.

Please see our Events page for information about specific activities.

Houston Brick Club was originally known as TexLUG-Houston.  “TexLUG” stands for Texas LEGO® Users Group.  There are other similar LUGs in in Austin (TexLug), San Antonio (TexLugSA), and Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFWLUG).  In addition, Texas Brick Railroad is a state-wide LEGO® Users Group with a focus on trains.  In 2019 the group simplified its name to Houston Brick Club.


Every summer, Houston Brick Club members help put on Brick Rodeo, a four-day LEGO® fan convention and exhibition.  More information can be found at BrickRodeo.com.

Can I join Houston Brick Club?

Of course!  Houston Brick Club is open to anyone who enjoys LEGO® products.  All you need to do is come to a meeting or event and introduce yourself.  We are family-friendly, but we do ask that anyone under 18 bring an adult with them to participate in any of our activities.

Most of our internal communication about meetings and other events is done using using Google Groups.  To request access to the group forum, please click here.  We also have a Facebook group, found here.

What are these funny abbreviations?

“LUG”:  stands for LEGO® User Group .. a collection of people who get together and build, talk about, and collect LEGO®.

“AFOL”:  Adult Fan of LEGO® .. typically (but not necessarily) a member of a LUG.

“TFOL”:  Teen Fan of LEGO® .. similar (but not identical) to AFOL.

Trademarks, Copyrights, and Disclaimers:

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