Brick Rodeo 2023

The Brick Rodeo LEGO® Fan Convention and Exhibition will be held July 6-9, 2023, at the Houston Marriott Sugar Land. This event is returning to the same location it was held in 2021. Members of Houston Brick Club are organizing this event, along with a team of LEGO® fans from all over Texas.

Brick Rodeo combines a four-day convention with two days of public exhibition. Full convention members will play games, attend presentations, set up custom creations made from LEGO® bricks, and socialize with friends new and old. On Saturday and Sunday, public visitors will be able to view all the custom creations and talk with the builders.

The custom creations are called MOCs by LEGO® fans – meaning My Own Creations. The models on display at Brick Rodeo will all be custom-designed and built by LEGO® fans – these are not sets sold by The LEGO Group. MOCs and displays may be smaller than your hand, or more than 20′ long.

Examples of MOCs and displays from previous years include castles, pop-culture scenes and figures, mosaics, spaceships, city buildings and scenes, historical recreations, and much more. Some builds are highly realistic; others a fantastical and humorous. There is truly something for everyone at Brick Rodeo!

Brick Rodeo is a non-profit event run by volunteers. The event also includes fund-raising and charity events to benefit local childrens hospitals and Fairy Bricks – an organization based in the UK that provides LEGO® sets to children in hospitals around the world.

You can visit to learn more about the event, and to sign up for an email newsletter. You can also follow Brick Rodeo on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. In 2021 the convention memberships and public tickets both sold out – you don’t want to miss the fun!

May 26-28, 2023 – Comicpalooza

Houston Brick Club had 19 total members participate in this event. It was a great event. We had many people stop by to check out our MOC’s and talk about Lego. We also had a creative crowd participation mosaic build, check out the pictures below! Special thanks to all the members who attended and tediously put the brick and plates together to make this such a successful part of the event!

May 21, 2023 – Bricks & Minifigs Sugarland

We had a total of 15 members in attendance. The store owner gave us a nice introduction and was so gracious to host our meeting. Gabriel Cabral and Jason Maggitti led our meeting. Here is the outline of our discussion:

HBC News and Updates – Highlighted Upcoming events and talked about tickets and registering MOCs for the 2023 Brick Rodeo.

Introduction to – Gabriel presented a set highlight in a New Elementary article where they talked about new Lego pieces available in a new set in May.

Lego Disney Feel Guide using article from An informative session about using feel guides to find desired figures. Gabriel had a full set of the new Disney CMFs for us to figure out. 

Member highlights

A. Jose Ruiz – bricklink store – Kodabricks22

    B. Tim Hutchings – focused on his involvement with the Lego Live Stream – Youtube: Fazoom “boxy Batman.” Also Highlighted his you tube channel: Tim’s Brick Adventures


Talked about meeting on June 24th at Lego Store in Willowbrook mall (MEETING CANCELED/POSTPONED until fall AFOL day.)

There was an idea put forth for a club/meeting activity in late July/Early august with a build/instruction meeting talking about build techniques. Jason may present some techniques/tips on using motors.

*anyone else who would like to present/show at this meeting/activity, please let Jason Maggitti know.

February 18th, 2023 – Brazoria Historical Museum

The Museum Event was a huge success, making Museum Staff very excited. Total attendance of guests was 409 persons coming through the event. There were a total of 30 Volunteers; including Club members, the 501st, a Nasa spokesperson and County employee staff volunteers. Our displays consisted of a Western town, Fort Velasco & Titanic, USS Lexington, USS Texas , Alamo, Alvin Post Office and Fire station, Roman Circus, Pokemon Sculpture, Aquarium and Zoo, Star Wars, Farm and Zoo, Trains, Space Architecture, Piano, 1939 MOC of County Court House, San Sac, County Courthouse Medical wing, Re-Established MOC of Buccees and a Lego creation station set up for the kids to build.

February 19th, 2023 – Club Meeting – Bricks & Minifigs Pearland

We had 25 members and 4 new members in attendance. We talked about upcoming events. We mentioned AFOL day on March 11th and took a poll to attend the Baybrook Mall Lego Store. We also discussed the success of the Brazoria County Historical Museum event that took place the day before. 

We asked for member input on what they would like to see at our upcoming meetings. It was decided that we would have another blind build because the participants really enjoyed it during a previous meeting. 

The business meeting part was adjourned and next we started our draft of the Majestic Tiger Set. The draft took roughly an hour and a half and was over around 4:45. 

February 25th-26th, 2023 – Houston Children’s Museum

6 AFOL’s and 1 TFOL in attendance for this event.

We have displayed at the museum for many years. This year we had 8 tables each day.  We put on a nice display with a classic space module, hands on Technic machines, an airport, kinetic sculptures, a UCS set and many speed champions . We also had the club’s Christmas Cactus, Banner and Brick Rodeo signage.  The Museum provided tables, tablecloths and stantions.