Brick Fiesta 2020!!

Come join us for long weekend full of LEGO® brick building fun – either at the Public Exhibition of the Fan Convention!

Brick Fiesta 2020 will be hosted by Houston Brick Club.  It will be held at the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square on July 23-26, 2020.

Brick Fiesta is a four-day event highlighted by displays of custom models built with LEGO® bricks.  The first two days are a fan convention where AFOLs meet to set up their models, play games, and do there LEGO-related activities.  Saturday and Sunday are public exhibition days.

The Brick Fiesta Public Exhibition is a massive display of custom LEGO® creations by LEGO® enthusiasts, along with LEGO®-related activities and vendors.  At this exhibition you can:

  • View the hundreds of unique LEGO® creations on display.  Photography is encouraged!  A few examples from previous Brick Fiesta events are shown below.
  • Attend LEGO®-themed sessions and events.
  • Learn building tips and tricks
  • Shop vendors with current, past, and custom LEGO® sets, parts, and minifigs
  • Experience the scope and diversity of the LEGO® fan community

More information can be found at the Brick Fiesta website and Brick Fiesta on Facebook, as well as other social media – search “Brick Fiesta” or “Brick Fiesta 2020.”

To join Houston Brick Club and help with Brick Fiesta 2020, please Contact Us for more information!

January Meeting

On January 18, 2020, about 20 members of Houston Brick Club met at a local store.  The main purpose of the meeting was to continue to working on our model of downtown Houston.  There was also discussion of upcoming events and other LEGO-related conversation.  Several members carefully searched the store’s supplies for the perfect parts for their own creations.

The model of downtown Houston can be seen in the photos below.  We are planning to have this completed for our Brick Fiesta exhibition in July.  We have made good progress but still have a ways to go.  Sponsorships are available – depending on the level of contribution, your name or business could be on the model .. or even have your building constructed in LEGO®!  Please Contact Us for more information.

Houston Brick Club wants to thank the owners of Bricks & Toys Destination for their fantastic hospitality!  The store sells new and used LEGO® sets, loose parts, and mini figures, plus it has areas to play and build.  It is located in Katy, just west of Houston.  Stop in and check out the selection!

Photos and models below are by members of Houston Brick Club.


Houston Brick Club and LEGO Masters

On January 4, 2020, Houston Brick Club members joined the LEGO® Masters Brick by Brick Tour for a day!

We worked on the initial stages of our downtown Houston model, which we plan to have completed for Brick Fiesta in July.  We also socialized with the public and helped explain about the LEGO® Masters TV show, along with talking about Houston Brick Club and our own activities.  And, we built a small sign for the local TV station!

At FOX’s LEGO® MASTERS: Brick by Brick Tour, LEGO® fans of all ages are invited to take photos in the life-sized LEGO® environment and put their brick-building skills to the test with the spin-the-wheel game.

Additional dates and locations for the Tour are as follows:

  • Jan. 11, San Antonio TX
  • Jan. 18, New Orleans LA
  • Jan. 25, Brandon FL
  • Feb. 8, West Hartford CT

Thank you to FOX and LEGO® Masters for inviting us to their event!


Photos below are by Houston Brick Club.



2019 Holiday Party

In mid-December about 20 members of Houston Brick Club met for our annual Holiday Party.  Once again, this was generously hosted by a member in Katy, just west of Houston.

Several people brought holiday-theme builds;  there was a draft of set 75200;  and a gift exchange with much (permitted) stealing.  One member brought the first builds for Microscale Houston – this is a Club project that we hope to have completed for Brick Fiesta in July 2020.

From all of us at Houston Brick Club – we hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and a Happy New Year!  Look for us at various events around Houston in 2020, and Play Well!


November activities

Houston Brick Club started the month with a display at Day of the Dead in The Heights – a free festival near downtown Houston.  Five members entertained the public with themed MOCs.


On November 9, 26 Club members held a meeting at the LEGO® Brand Retail Store in the Galleria Mall.  Several of these were attending their first Houston Brick Club meeting – welcome!  Vehicle models of all kinds were brought and displayed.  There was discussion about upcoming events.  A big thank-you to the store staff and manager for letting us in early and treating us well!

Brick Fest Live, Oct. 2019

On October 19-20, twenty Houston Brick Club members participated in Brick Fest Live.  We provided displays of custom builds including: a large classic space layout, a detailed model of the USS Constitution, a realistic Western scene, and several town buildings.

Public attendance was about 8,700 total over the two days.  The visitors were excited about the detailed models and asked many questions.  We also met a group of AFOLs from Lake Jackson that may be interested in participating with Houston Brick Club in the future – we hope to see them again soon!

A few photos are below.  More are in a Facebook album here.


Dragon’s Lair

On August 31, five members of Houston Brick Club participated in LairCon at the Dragon’s Lair North Houston store.  We provided various models for display and play, such as a Joker’s Manor with motorized roller coaster and other moving parts, a Mobile Frame Zero game display, manual GBC modules, and powered robotic builds.  This was a “hands-on” event – kids and adults operated and played with almost all the models.

Several members of Houston Brick Club have visited Dragon’s Lair individually since the store opened about a year ago.  This is the first time we have displayed here as a group;  we really enjoyed the experience, and hope to be back soon!

A few photos are below.  More are in a Facebook album here.

Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy(R) Houston-North sells comics, graphic novels, boardgames, role-playing games, miniatures, and much more.  They run events every day of the week ranging from boardgames open play to D&D meet-ups.  Find out more at