LEGO® Exhibit at Art Museum.

This summer, a small Houston-area art museum is showing an exhibit of custom models built from LEGO® bricks. Several members of Houston Brick Club, in addition to other brick artists, have builds on display.

The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts contacted Houston Brick Club at last year’s Brick Rodeo. From there, a partnership was created where the Club helped find artists to contribute built models to the exhibit. Artists include members of Houston Brick Club, TexLUG, and Texas Brick Railroad; plus two contestants from the LEGO® Masters TV show (Moto and Dawn); and brick artist Jonathan Lopes.

Artwork on display includes: mosaics, architectural models, pop culture characters, realistic reproductions of cars, and much more. Houston Brick Club’s model of downtown Houston is on display in a fully completed state for the first time.

Moto, a contestant from season 2 of LEGO® Masters, came from out of town in person to set up his highly technical spaceship model. He spent all of opening day at the museum talking with visitors and answering questions about his experience on the show.

The museum also provided a play area for public visitors. This area has a “graffiti wall” – baseplates mounted to a wall where anyone can put bricks up, mosaic-style. It also has several bins of loose LEGO® and Duplo® bricks for free building. This area has continued to be popular during exhibit hours.

The opening day of this exhibit attracted the largest crowd the museum had ever seen at an opening day. Attendance has continued to be well above normal since then. Houston Brick Club is thrilled to be part of this exhibit that combines the both the “fine art” and “play” characteristics of the LEGO® brick.

The exhibit runs June 4 – September 3, 2022, at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art in Spring, Texas. More information can be found at

Downtown Houston, by Houston Brick Club

Desert Mountain Landscape, by Tim Hutchings
Here Comes the Sun, by Dawn Sloboda. Life’s a Reef, by Steve and Lili Laughlin
Mr. Frumble’s Pickle Car, by Jonathan Lopes. Michael Kanemoto talking about his Chrysalis 2.

Cars, by David Slater.

Donating LEGO® sets

Once again, Houston Brick Club partnered with Fairy Bricks to provide donated LEGO® sets to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Fairy Bricks provided 6 large boxes of new LEGO® sets, and the Club delivered them to the hospital.

Houston Brick Club wants to thank both Fairy Bricks and Texas Children’s Hospital for all the great things they do. Hopefully we can start doing displays and other activities at the hospital again soon!

Spring Meetings

Houston Brick Club has returned to in-person meetings this year. On March 19, 26 members met at the LEGO® Brand Retail Store in Willowbrook Mall to shop, discuss upcoming activities, and generally socialize. Thanks to the store for opening early and allowing us to use their space!

On April 30, 14 members met at Space Cadets Collection in The Woodlands. The store provide bulk used LEGO® parts for Club members to look through and buy. The final unfinished sections of our Micro Houston build were shown, and we talked about Brick Rodeo and other upcoming activities. Thanks to Space Cadets for letting us meet there!

April – May events

Houston Brick Club had two events at area schools recently. On April 9, seven members took part in Bookapalooza at Dulles High School in Sugar Land. This event was created by the school as “a place where students can have fun and connect with each other to share their love of comics, books, manga, anime, and writing.” Club members presented displays of MOCs, included a number of motorized and hands-on Technic builds. Approximately 900 public attendees were present.

On May 13 and 14, 2022, Club members attended Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances at West U. Elementary School. The Club was invited by a mother and son who had attended last year’s Brick Rodeo and wanted a LEGO® theme for this event. Five Club members diplayed MOCs such as large mosaics, a castle, and various Technic builds that the kids were able to play with. The event had about 200 attendees each night.

2021 Holiday Party

Houston Brick Club celebrated the 2021 holiday season with an in-person party at a member’s home on December 4. Thirty-two Club members attended. We held a draft and exchanged brick-built ornaments. We had a very lively gift exchange with many “steals.” We talked about next year’s activities and generally socialized.

Most importantly, we collected new LEGO(R) sets for charity. About (60) sets and another (20) or so polybags were donated by Club members. These were later given to Texas Children’s Hospital . Houston Brick Club has had been activities at TCH over the years. Those activities have been paused due to the ongoing coronavirus issues, and we hope that we can resume them soon.

LSSE Event

Houston Brick Club was contacted by Lone Star Sports and Entertainment to provide a brick-built backdrop for use at LSSE’s charity event. About 10-12 Club members worked together to create a mosaic showing the state of Texas, the logos of two high school football teams, plus the LSSE and Houston Brick Club logos.

Two Club members took this backdrop to LSSE’s event at a local high school football game in October, 2021. LSSE was collecting LEGO(R) sets to be donated to disadvantaged youth at holiday time.

Houston Brick Club is proud of our charity activities. Please Contact Us if you are interested in displays or builds for your charity event.

Brick Rodeo 2021 highlights

Brick Rodeo LEGO(R) Fan Convention and Exhibition was held July 22-25, 2021, at the Houston Marriott Sugar Land. By all accounts, it was a great success!

Approximately 300 All-Access Members signed up for the full Convention. These Members arrived Thursday and Friday, set up MOCs for display, played games, attended presentations, caught up with old friends and met new ones. On Saturday and Sunday, the event was open to the public to show off all the custom creations made from LEGO(R) bricks.

Highlights from Brick Rodeo included:
– Keynote speech from Daniel Konstanski of Blocks Magazine, talking about “Key Moments in the Brick’s History.”
– 7 contestants from LEGO(R) Masters Season 2 were in attendance and brought MOCs to display
– a “MOCs at Night” session to showcase lighted models
– largest train/town layout Texas Brick Railroad has done to date
– charity auction to benefit a local children’s hospital
– large mosaic and fundraising game provided by Fairy Bricks

For information about next year’s Brick Rodeo, sign up for the email newsletter at or follow #BrickRodeo on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos and other information can be found at the following links:
Danielle Bell’s photos
Alicia Costello’s photos
Tony Sava’s photos
Tony Sava’s photos (TBRR)

Comicpalooza 2021

About 15 Houston Brick Club members participated in a display event at Comicpalooza, July 17-18, 2021, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston. This was our first public event since early 2020.

The highlight of the display was the Club’s model of downtown Houston, composed of over 30,000 LEGO(R) bricks. Public visitors looked for their favorite buildings, arenas, and parks. A “You Are Here” sticker was placed on the model of the Convention Center to orient everyone.

Club members brought a variety of MOCs to display, including mosaics and sculptures of pop culture characters, flying airplanes, a Hogwarts Express train, and scenes from movies.

In addition to displaying models, Club members promoted next week’s Brick Rodeo, and ran a fundraising game to benefit Fairy Bricks.

Brick Rodeo

“Saddle Up” for the

10th Anniversary LEGO fan convention in Texas!

Houston Marriott Sugar Land
July 22-25, 2021

After many years of fun and games at our favorite Texas LEGO fan convention, we pulled out the “branding” iron and went to work. The result? Brick Rodeo!

Despite the new name, this really isn’t our first rodeo! With the theme of “A 10th Brick Odyssey,” Brick Rodeo will celebrate a decade of AFOL gatherings in Texas while looking forward to many more years of brick-built entertainment.

Brick Rodeo will include the same four days of family-friendly LEGO activities you’re used to: private convention, public exhibition, games, presentations, giveaways; and maybe a few new things!

We are very excited that Brick Rodeo will now offer an enhanced website experience that is easy to navigate and will be consistent from year to year.  “Steer” your way over to and see what’s there!

Brick Rodeo is currently being planned as a normal in-person event in July 2021.  We understand this may be a concern to some, and that no one knows what the pandemic conditions will be at that time. The situation is being monitored diligently and appropriate governmental and public health guidelines will be followed. Any changes to the event or procedures will be communicated on the website and social media outlets as needed.  

Round up your friends and family, save the date, and plan to join the fun as our Texas LEGO fan convention enters its second decade!

We reckon this will be the best LEGO fan event in Texas so far – no “bull”!  To keep up to date with all the Brick Rodeo happenings, please follow Brick Rodeo on your favorite social media platform, look at our website, and watch for email from Brick Rodeo. Please share with your friends, family, and ranch hands!