Member Spotlight


Steve Laughlin and Oscar Gomez Recognized for their Tales of Space customization, read the article on

Brick Journal

3 of our members were interviewed in Brick Journal Issue 78 March April 2023 Edition! You can order back issues at to read the articles or possibly purchase back issues at Brick Rodeo. Last year they had back issues available for purchase at the convention.

Jeff Schroeder: Landing on Alpha Centauri

Brian Costello: Building Houston

Pat Hough: Building a Story

2022 Brick Rodeo Winners Several of our members won awards for their builds at Brick Rodeo 2022.  

Steve Laughlin – Best of Show for his Fabuland Display

Dr. Gregory Jonason – Art – David Bowie Mosaic

Valerie Maggitti – Art – Sculpture Evolution

Brian Costello – Microscale Houston Landmarks

Jason Maggitti – Pop Culture – 3- Mode Veritech

Jeff Schroeder – Space – Landing Alpha Centauri

Tyler Skinner – Best Build Techniques – Slim’s Harbor