Brick Rodeo 2023

The Brick Rodeo LEGO® Fan Convention and Exhibition will be held July 6-9, 2023, at the Houston Marriott Sugar Land. This event is returning to the same location it was held in 2021. Members of Houston Brick Club are organizing this event, along with a team of LEGO® fans from all over Texas.

Brick Rodeo combines a four-day convention with two days of public exhibition. Full convention members will play games, attend presentations, set up custom creations made from LEGO® bricks, and socialize with friends new and old. On Saturday and Sunday, public visitors will be able to view all the custom creations and talk with the builders.

The custom creations are called MOCs by LEGO® fans – meaning My Own Creations. The models on display at Brick Rodeo will all be custom-designed and built by LEGO® fans – these are not sets sold by The LEGO Group. MOCs and displays may be smaller than your hand, or more than 20′ long.

Examples of MOCs and displays from previous years include castles, pop-culture scenes and figures, mosaics, spaceships, city buildings and scenes, historical recreations, and much more. Some builds are highly realistic; others a fantastical and humorous. There is truly something for everyone at Brick Rodeo!

Brick Rodeo is a non-profit event run by volunteers. The event also includes fund-raising and charity events to benefit local childrens hospitals and Fairy Bricks – an organization based in the UK that provides LEGO® sets to children in hospitals around the world.

You can visit to learn more about the event, and to sign up for an email newsletter. You can also follow Brick Rodeo on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. In 2021 the convention memberships and public tickets both sold out – you don’t want to miss the fun!

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