March activities

On St. Patrick’s Day members of TexLUG-Houston brought an assortment of models to a local children’s hospital for a one-day display.  Patients, families, and staff were all thrilled to see a space layout with monorail .. a samurai scene .. a train and town .. an Indiana Jones Death Star .. and more!

This has turned into a favorite event for many of us.  Kids in a hospital usually aren’t having much fun – it’s incredibly fulfilling for us to be able to bring a little unexpected joy into their lives.  We look forward to visiting the hospital again this summer.

TexLUG participation included (8) AFOLs.  Public visitors were estimate at approximately 1,500-2,000.



A week later we had our March meeting.  About 15 members showed up to sort and share parts.  Two “spring” theme MOCs were brought .. the Star Wars beach scene was a one-vote winner!

2017-03-25 14.05.262017-03-25 14.05.55

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