TexLUG-Houston and Texas Childrens Hospital

Since early this year, TexLUG-Houston has been helping out at Texas Childrens Hospital in the Medical Center.  About once a month, members go to the hospital’s Child Life Zone to build and play LEGO with patients and their families.

2016-02-04 11.59.35

This has been a rewarding experience on all sides.  The children in the hospital get excited when they come into the Child Life Zone and see the LEGO parts spread out.  Some of these kids jump right in and start building;  some take their time, look around, check out all the different parts.  TexLUG-Houston members are there to help find pieces, suggest another way to put things together, and generally guide as much or as little as needed.

On June 24, TexLUG-Houston members will be putting on a display in the Auxiliary Bridge of Texas Childrens Hospital.  This will be a miniature version of the Brick Fiesta show that will happen July 7-10.  It will not be possible for some of the kids in the hospital to come to that show;  instead, the show will come to them.

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