Space Cadets!!!

On January 13th, 15 of our members met at Space Cadets Collection Collection in Oak Ridge North near The Woodlands. Owner Jen King brought out a bunch of tubs of bricks for us to pick through. It was a great time finding the bricks we needed to finish our MOC’s, add to our collection or finding some of the special pieces that are no longer in production.

This was a great place for having our meeting, talking about upcoming events, and learning from each other while digging through the part bins. Everytime we get together I always learn something new or of a theme that I didn’t know existed.

Space Cadets Collection Collection is a great place to stop by and add to your Lego(R) collection, they always have a tub just waiting to be picked through as well as some retired sets for sale and minifigures in the display cases to choose from. I find this place very reasonable and they are always so nice and helpful.