Children’s Museum display

Once again members of TexLUG-Houston set up a display of models built with LEGO® bricks at the Children’s Museum of Houston.  Thousands of visitors to the museum were awed and impressed by the 6′ tall skyscraper, city block with elevated railway, Star Wars-themed builds, and ball contraptions.  Six adult members and three teens took part in the display on February 24, 2018.  Photos by members of TexLUG-Houston.



Busy February

There is a lot going in February 2018!   This past weekend TexLUG-Houston displayed at Brazcon 2018 on Feb. 3; on the next day a few members had a (first annual?) MF0 Bowl while some football game was going on (photo above by P. Lieber).  Also this same weekend, Houston-area AFOLS created a display with Texas Brick Railroad at a model train show.

Later this month we will have a build & play session with kids at a local children’s hospital;  a display at the Children’s Museum of Houston, plus our regular monthly meeting.  Hopefully we will have time to build something in between all of these activities!


Brazcon 2018

Thirteen TexLUG-Houston members (9 adults and 4 teens) traveled south of Houston to take part in Brazcon on February 3.  Displays included builds based on Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and various superheroes.  Public attendance was estimated at around 6,000.  The LEGO® displays were very popular and attracted crowds most of the day.

Brazcon is an annual free teen-oriented comic-com-type event.  It is organized by Brazoria County Public Library and Alvin Intermediate School District.  This is the first time TexLUG-Houston participated – it was a great show, and we hope to be back again next year!

Photos of the event are below, credit to TexLUG-Houston members L. Laughlin and P. Myers.


Mobile Frame Zero

Members of TexLUG-Houston met in January to play Mobile Frame Zero – a miniatures strategy game where all the terrain and units are made with LEGO® parts.  Few in the group had played this before .. it’s great to learn new things to do with LEGO®!

Next Mobile Frame Zero session will be Feb. 4.  Details are on the Google Group discussion board, click here to view the group or ask permission to join.



2017 Holiday Party

TexLUG-Houston wrapped up the year with a holiday party at a member’s home.  Various activities were enjoyed by 22 AFOLs, 2 TFOLs, and 3 younger kids.

There was a draft, an exchange of brick-built ornaments, a Dirty Brickster gift swap, a build-in-bag contest, and sharing of loose parts.  Plus food, socializing, and more food.  Photos are included below.

Once again, TexLUG-Houston increased membership and activities for the year.  In 2017 we had 36 adults and 5 teens as active members.  The group had 10 meetings and 6 public events this year, plus an assortment of library displays and children’s hospital sessions.  We plan to continue (and hopefully expand) these activities in the coming years.

Play Well!





Maker Faire 2017

On October 21 and 22, 2017, TexLUG-Houston joined host Texas Brick Railroad to provide displays at Houston Maker Faire.  Centered in the space was a large train and town layout with 5(!) tracks crossing bridges.  An assortment of trains ran throughout the show, including a Princess Train and a Galveston Island Trolley.

One TexLUG-Houston member set up a large classic space display with three monorail loops, custom space ships, aliens, and more.  In addition, there were Star Wars models, a pirate/medieval collaboration, and a highly detailed scene with an Asian temple, jungle, and waterfall.  Four tables of play brick allowed kids and adults to use their own creativity.

Participation included 16 AFOLs and 3 TFOLs (combined totals for both LUGs).  Public attendance was approximately 7,000 total for two days.  TexLUG-Houston would like to thank Innovation Spark for once again inviting us to be a part of Maker Faire.

Visit our Events page for more information about past and upcoming events.


Photos by members of TexLUG-Houston.

Brick Fiesta 2017

Several TexLUG-Houston members (and many of their families) journeyed to the Dallas area to participate in Brick Fiesta 2017.  The event was held June 29-July 2 at the Mesquite Convention Center, and included two days of private activities plus two days of public exhibition.

LEGO(R) fans from all over Texas and several other states (and Canada!) came to Brick Fiesta.  MOCs of all sizes and themes were displayed.  Show members participated in speed builds, blind builds, drafts, and many other activities.

TexLUG-Houston members won awards for Technic, GBC (Great Ball Contraption), Land Vehicle, and Automation.  In addition, another member came in 2nd place in the Master Builder competition.

TexLUG-Houston participation included (17) AFOLs and (5) TFOLs.  Public attendance was approximately 2,500 total for two days.

In 2018 Brick Fiesta will be held in San Antonio, Texas – exact dates and location to be announced at a later date.  Continue to watch this website and for more information.


Comicpalooza 2017

TexLUG-Houston provided displays and play brick as part of the Maker Space at Comicpalooza, May 12-14 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.  About 20 AFOLs and 2 TFOLs brought MOCs including classic space, train/town, Star Wars, Ninjago, castle, and more.  Public attendees were awed and thrilled by the detail and variety in all the models.  Comicpalooza attracted approximately 40,000 visitors over three days.

More photos are available on our Facebook page, the TexLUG Facebook page, and member Flickr pages here and here.

TexLUG-Houston would like to thank Innovation Spark, the organization behind Houston Maker Faire, for inviting us to join the Maker Space at Comicpalooza.



April Meeting

Fourteen members met at the Galleria Saturday morning.  There was a draft of 70349 Ruina’s Lock and Roller .. review of MOCs .. discussion of Comicpalooza plans .. and shopping at the LEGO store!  Much enjoyment was had by all.

More info and photos can be found at the TexLUG-Houston Facebook page, here.