2021 Meetings

Online “sorting parties”: Houston Brick Club members have been participating in online “sorting parties” for much of 2021. These are held by video call and are a chance for informal conversation and socialization. Many members sort parts, build sets, or create MOCs while on the call. These events happen about every other week on Saturday night, and are made available to members of all the LUGs in Texas.

May 16, 2021: Twenty-seven members of Houston Brick Club met online. Much of the discussion was about our upcoming Brick Rodeo event. We also talked about participation at the Houston International Film Festival, Comicpalooza, and other plans for the year.

April 25 and 26, 2021: On Saturday, thirteen members of Houston Brick Club met at a local toy store to buy, sell, and trade LEGO; discuss Brick Rodeo plans, and talk about many other things. On Sunday, twelve members met at another store to work on our Microscale model of downtown Houston. Thanks to Bricks & Toys Destination in Katy and Bricks and Minifigs in Pearland for the hospitality!

March 27, 2021: Nineteen members of Houston Brick Club met online. Discussion included Brick Rodeo and other upcoming events.

January 30, 2021: Houston Brick Club’s first meeting of 2021 was held online due to ongoing pandemic concerns. We had 26 members participate, along with guests from New Mexico and New Orleans. The meeting lasted for three hours.

Several of the participants were newer members, so we went around the “room” introducing ourselves. Many entertaining stories were told. We also discussed upcoming events (virtual and hopefully in-person), storage techniques, various builds, and much more.

Next meeting date to be determined and will likely also be online.