2019 Meetings

September 28, 1:00-4:00pm:  Eleven members met at a member’s home today.  A few brought Halloween-them builds they had built.  Everyone shared some parts and discussed upcoming events.



August 3, 9:00-11:00am:  18 members met at the LEGO(R) Brand Retail Store in Baybrook Mall.  We discussed several upcoming events, did some shopping, and talked LEGO a lot!


June 8, 2:00-5:30pm:  14 members met at a member’s home today.  The main purpose of the meeting was to build a model of Notre Dame Cathedral.  This model had been designed by Alice Finch, and she generously shared the design following the fire at Notre Dame in April.

Houston Brick Club members donated parts, money, and time to create the model.  The finished model will be donated to the charity auction at this year’s Brick Fiesta, July 4-7, in Austin.

More information about Alice Finch can be found at https://www.bippitybricks.com.

More information about Brick Fiesta can be found at https://www.brickfiesta.com.




February 9, 8:30-10:30am:  The LEGO(R) Brand Retail Store in the Galleria mall generously opened its doors early for a TexLUG-Houston meeting.  Twenty-two members came and discussed our upcoming events – four are scheduled for February, see the Events page for more details.  A few members brought MOCs, and everyone enjoyed shopping in the store before the public arrived.  Many thanks to the store manager for the hospitality!

Next meeting will probably be the first weekend in March, but has not been scheduled yet.


January 20, 2:00-5:0pm:  About eleven members got together to do a draft, trade minifigures, and discuss upcoming events.  TexLUG-Houston has at least three display events scheduled for February – see the Events page for more details.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 9, 8:30am, at the Galleria LEGO Store.

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