2018 Meetings

August 19, 2:00-5:00pm:  Seventeen TexLUG-Houston members spent a few hours sorting and sharing parts at a member’s home in Pearland, south of Houston.  There was also discussion and planning for the upcoming Maker Faire event.


July 28, 2:00-5:00pm:  Twelve TexLUG-Houston members met at a member’s house in Cypress.  We talked about the most recent Brick Fiesta for the people that had not been able to attend.  We discussed upcoming events, such as the children’s hospital display Aug. 3 and Maker Faire in October.  Several members had built small hospital-themed vignettes that will be taken on Aug. 3.  There was a draft of set 76109 Quantum Realm Explorers.  A Power Wheels racer chassis was brought and discussed – we hope to have that operational for Maker Faire in October.

Models and photos by members of TexLUG-Houston.

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June 30, 4:30-7:00pm:  A group meeting was called for June 30 on short notice, squeezing it in between two fan conventions in June/July.  A total of 17 adult and teen members came.

One member proposed that we work on a Power Wheels racer for this year’s Maker Faire in October – there will be future dates set for that project.  There was discussion of the recent Brickworld Chicago show that several members attended.  We also talked about the upcoming Brick Fiesta convention in San Antonio .. http://www.brickfiesta.com.

Members brought parts to share, and there was plenty of other LEGO(R) talk and fun.



May 5, 1-4pm:  Nine adult and two teen members met at a member’s home in Spring, Texas.  One member explained Mobile Frame Zero to the group.  Another demonstrated a Mindstorms NXT robot.  Everyone shared parts and discussed upcoming activities.



April 22, 10:30am:  The LEGO® Store, The Woodlands Mall.  Micro-scale MOCs installed in store display window.  MOC competition using parts from set 10401 – the winner was a fine robot build by Chris.  Discussion of upcoming events.  Ten AFOLs and 1 TFOL attended.  Models and photos by members of TexLUG-Houston.


March 24, 9-11am:  The LEGO® Store, Houston Galleria.  Micro-scale MOCs installed in store display window.  Discussion of upcoming events (children’s hospital display, Comicpalooza, train show in Galveston by Texas Brick Railroad).  Fifteen AFOLs and 3 TFOLs attended.  Models and photos by members of TexLUG-Houston.


February 17, 2-4pm.  Ten AFOLs and one TFOL (someone new!) met at a member’s house in central Houston.  Micro-scale MOCs were built for use in displays at the  LEGO® Brand Retail Stores in The Galleria and The Woodlands Mall.  Photos by M. Taylor.



January 13, 2-4pm: TexLUG-Houston started off the new year with a meeting at a member’s house in Magnolia.  Members brought MOCs to show off, and lots of loose brick was sorted and shared.  Plans for the upcoming Brazcon show were discussed.  Twelve AFOLs and two TFOLs attended.