2017 Meetings

TexLUG-Houston holds meetings approximately once a month.  Our members are scattered all over Houston and the surrounding areas, so the date, time and location of meeting varies.  Details of past and upcoming meetings are below, see also the calendar on the Events page.  More photos can be found on the TexLUG-Houston Facebook page, here.

January 7:  Ashford Pub, 3:00-5:30pm, attended by (14) AFOLs and (1) TFOLs.  Discussed RLUG status and plans.  Discussed planned and possible future activities.

January 21:  Member’s home, 11am-3:30pm, attended by (9) AFOLs.  Built Store Displays for local LEGO(R) stores.

February 12:  Woodlands Mall, 10:30am-12:30pm, attended by (19) AFOLs and (1) TFOLs.  Discussed Maker Faire and Comicpalooza participation.  Build contest – Batman theme.

2017-02-12 11.30.36


March 25:  Member’s home, 12noon-2:30pm, attended by (15) AFOLs and (2) TFOLs.  Sorted and shared parts, discussed upcoming activities.  Build contest – spring theme.  Selected parts for build contest.

2017-03-25 14.05.41

2017-03-25 14.05.55.jpg

April 29:  Galleria Mall, 9am-11am, attended by (14) AFOLs.  Draft of set 70349 Ruina’s Lock and Roller.  Discussed upcoming Comicpalooza show.  Build contest – parts selected at previous meeting.

June 10:  Member’s home, 2:00-5:00pm, attended by (14) AFOLs and (1) TFOLs.  Draft of set 40174 Iconic Chess Set.  Discussed Brick Fiesta and other upcoming events.  Reviewed RLUG application timeline.

July:  Brick Fiesta.

August 5:  Woodlands Mall, 9:00-11:00am, attended by (15) AFOLs and (1) TFOLs.  Discussed and shared building techniques for trees.  Discussed upcoming Moody Gardens event.

September 10:  Galleria Mall LEGO(R) Store, 9:30-11:30am, attended by (9) AFOLs and (2) TFOLs.  Members showed off MOCs of space things and carnival rides.  Discussed upcoming Maker Faire event.

October:  Maker Faire.

November 12:  Galleria Mall and LEGO Store, 9:30-11:30am, attended by (20) AFOLs and (2) TFOLs.  Draft of 41315 Heartlake Surf Shop.  Discussion of upcoming events – December meeting, Brazcon in February, possible Children’s Museum display in December.


December 16:  Holiday Party, 2-7pm, member’s home, Katy, Texas.  Attended by (22) AFOLs and (2) TFOLs.  See 2017 Holiday Party for more details.